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USPS MARKETING, DPMG GROUPS RE-ALIGN. USPS News LinkUSPS is making changes within its Marketing and Deputy Postmaster General organizations to better serve customers.

“Although the entire organization is responsible for delivering excellent service and customer experiences, the following changes will sharpen our focus to more effectively reach and engage our customers, and bring their voices and rising expectations more prominently into our strategy development,” PMG Megan J. Brennan wrote in an Oct. 20 memo.


• Jim Cochrane, who previously served as chief marketing and sales officer, will now lead his organization as chief customer and marketing officer.

• Within this group, Cliff Rucker, who previously served as sales vice president, will become sales and customer relations senior vice president. He will continue to oversee Sales, while taking on added responsibility for the Business Service Network and Customer Care Centers.

• Steve Monteith, who previously served as executive director of product management for mailing products and shipping services, will now serve as marketing vice president. He will oversee Brand Marketing, Customer Engagement and Strategic Alignment, Customer and Market Insights, Industry Engagement, Product Management — Mailing Products and Services, Product Management — Shipping Products, and Stamp Services.

• The vice president position that oversees Consumer and Industry Affairs has been eliminated and the Consumer Advocate function will report to the chief customer and marketing officer. This is designed to elevate the voice of residential customers throughout the organization. 

• The vice president position that oversees Global Business will also be eliminated and the organization is being modified to better align with core business units.

• Gary Reblin will continue to report to Cochrane as vice president overseeing Product Innovation.

Additionally, within the DPMG organization, DPMG Ron Stroman will continue to oversee Government Relations, Sustainability and Office of the Judicial Officer. He also will lead international efforts that involve public policy and oversee International Postal Affairs, a new function within his group.

The changes take effect Oct. 20.

USPS RELEASES 5-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN. USPS: The Postal Service’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, covering the scal years (FYs) 2017 to 2021, is intended to provide our stakeholders, including Congress, our employees, our business partners, our customers and the American people, with:

  • A comprehensive mission statement covering the major functions and operations of the Postal Service.
  • An identification of those key factors external to the Postal Service and beyond our control—both in the external business environment and forecasted trends—that could signi cantly affect the achievement of the overall goals and objectives.
  • A description of the Postal Service’s overall goals and objectives, aligned with national performance assessment goals and objectives.
  • A description of the program evaluations used in establishing or revising overall goals and national performance assessment system objectives. 

POSTAL SERVICE ANNOUCES 2017 SHIPPING PRICES. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service today filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of price changes for Shipping Services products to take effect next year, following the end of the holiday mailing season. The filing does not include any price increase for First-Class Package International Service, Priority Mail Express International and Priority Mail International.  

The Postal Service continues to provide excellent value and reliability for the shipping industry, along with convenient choices for consumers. The average Shipping Services price change is 3.9 percent, which results in an average shipping price of less than $5 per shipment across all shipping products.

The new prices, if approved, represent a modest price increase in Priority Mail by 3.9 percent and an average of 3.3 percent in Priority Mail Retail prices.

The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope prices for these products are:




Small flat-rate box                                         



Medium flat-rate box                                     



Large flat-rate box                                          



Large APO/FPO flat-rate box                        



Regular flat-rate envelope                              



Legal flat-rate envelope                                  



Padded flat-rate envelope                              



The PRC will review the prices before they are scheduled to take effect Jan. 22, 2017. The complete Postal Service price filing with the new prices for all Shipping Services products can be found on the PRC site under the Daily Listings section:

POSTAL SERVICE ANNOUCES 2017 MAILING SERVICES PRICESWASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service today filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of price changes for Mailing Services products planning to take effect in January 2017. The proposal includes a two cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp, returning the price to 49 cents, which was the price of a Forever stamp before the Postal Service was required to remove the exigent surcharge by the PRC. The new prices, if approved, include a single price for First-Class Mail commercial presort letters weighing up to 3.5 ounces and a reduction in the one ounce meter price to 46 cents. This pricing strategy is designed to keep bills and statements in the mail by continuing to add value to commercial First-Class Mail. 

Standard Mail is being rebranded as USPS Marketing Mail to better align the product name with our customer’s use of this mail class. Proposed changes in Marketing Mail include removing the Flats Sequencing System (FSS) pricing which was of concern to mailers. This change will ensure that mailers pay for flats based on their volume density instead of the equipment flats are processed on. In addition, other changes include increasing the piece pound breakpoint from 3.3 to 4.0 ounces for Marketing Mail Flats and Parcel shaped pieces to encourage mailers to include more content, which will lead to more sales for mailers and support volume growth.

Some examples of new prices as follows:


Exigent Price

Current Price

Proposed Price

% Change

(Current to Proposed)

First-Class Letters










  Auto AADC





  Auto 5-D





Marketing Mail Letters





  Auto 5-D DSCF





  Saturation DSCF





Flats – Piece Rated





  Auto 5-D DSCF





  CR Basic DSCF





  CR/CR Pallet DSCF





  CR/CR Pallet DDU






The last time Single Piece First-Class prices increased was in January 2014. Today’s price change filing does not include any price change for Postcards, for letters being mailed to international destinations or for additional ounces for Single Piece Letters. Stamp prices have stayed consistent with the average annual rate of inflation since the Postal Service was formed in 1971. In addition, the incentive for Full-Service IMB remains the same at three tenths of a cent for First-Class and one tenth of a cent for Marketing Mail and Periodicals.  The PRC will review the prices before they are scheduled to take effect on January 22, 2017.

Pricing for Periodicals, Package Services and Extra Services will also be adjusted next year and can be found at’s filing does not affect Postal Service Shipping products and services.


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Five Things You Need to Know

1.) USPS seeks proposals for automated delivery unit sorter (ADUS).

2.) PRC authorizes extension of Customized Delivery market test.

3.) PRC announces plan for 10-year review of system of regulating rates and classes for market dominant products.

4.) PRC publishes strategic plan outlining five-year vision. 

5.) USPS publishes "The Household Diary Study, Mail Use and Attitudes in FY2015."

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