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PostalVision 2020-3.0 - “Positioning America for the New Millennium”

Please join us for this important event focused the future of our postal ecosystem in America!

The groundbreaking forum that has challenged industry, government and the private sector to examine a modern national mail infrastructure, will return in 2013 for a third annual conference, slated for April 23-24 at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. This year, PostalVision 2020/3.0 will take a visionary look at “Positioning America for the New Millennium”. With an increased focus on the role of government Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), incoming Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and a co-author of the 21st Century Postal Service Act, Hon. Robert G. Taub, Vice Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission, and Hon. David M. Walker, Founder and CEO of the Comeback America Initiative and former Comptroller General of the U.S., will also join the conversation this year about how to best position America to meet the needs of future generations for communications and commerce. Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google will return having provided the keynote at our first PostalVision 2020 conference in 2011, as will Jeff Jarvis, author of “What Would Google Do?” USPS Inspector General David Williams, PostCom President Gene DelPolito, policy expert Jim Campbell, InfoTrends’ Matt Swain and global postal sage Elmar Toime, will all rejoin the conversation this year as well.

Register by March 1 and receive a $300 discount off the $1395 registration fee. Plus as a member of a Supporting Association, you will receive an additional $100 off no matter when you register. Use code SUPDIS2013 during registration to receive your discount

WHEN: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - Wednesday, April 24, 2013; WHERE: L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, 480 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20024

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