Latest News and Highlights

UPU to hold 3rExtraordinary Congress The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has received enough "yes" votes from member countries that it will now hold it's third extraordinary congress to review the current terminal dues system. The congress, which will take place September 24-25 in Berne Switzerland, arguably increases the likelihood that the US will remain a member country of the UPU. The vote has no immediate effect on the self-declared inbound rates that are pending at the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Ashley Jay Elizabeth Poling Nominated to be PRC Commissioner As expected, the President has nominated Ashley Jay Elizabeth Poling of North Carolina, to be a Commissioner of the Postal Regulatory Commission for the remainder of a six-year term expiring November 22, 2024.  Ms. Polingserves as the Director of Governmental Affairs and Senior Counsel for Senator Gary C. Peters, where she advises on policy issues, negotiates with stakeholders to advance bipartisan legislation, and crafts initiatives to advance governmental affairs priorities.  Ms. Poling has experience working on postal policy in the United States Senate and has strong bipartisan relationships with postal stakeholders both on and off Capitol Hill.

USPS Initiates Process of Self-Declaring Inbound International Rates. On May 21, the Postal Service filed documents with the Postal Regulatory Commission initiating the process of self-declaring inbound international rates; a necessary precursor to eventual withdrawal of the US from the Universal Postal Union.  The Postal Service's filings do not contain actual prices, but do present domestic rate benchmarks that will be used to determine the inbound rates and the rate ranges that result therefrom. The Postal Service will be presenting actual rates in a subsequent filing.