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"Representing those who use or support the use of postal services for Business Communication and Commerce"
"You will be able to enjoy only those postal rights you are willing to defend."

The Association for Postal Commerce is a national association of businesses and organizations that use or support the use of mail as a medium for business communication and commerce. We represent our members on all matters pertaining to the development and implementation of postal policies and operations that affect their use of the mail. PostCom works in its members behalf before the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Postal Service, the Postal Service's Board of Governors, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and all other federal agencies and audiences that affect our nation's postal policies and operations.

PostCom is regarded in Washington postal circles as "the association for postal communication and commerce." Our weekly postal newsletter, the PostCom Bulletin, is considered the most comprehensive and timely source of national and international postal news. The PostCom Bulletin serves not only as a source of postal news, but also as a shaper of postal opinion. Indeed, it's widely considered the "most influential" postal newsletter in the nation.

So...if your business depends in any way at all on the continued viability of a universal postal system, then PostCom is the one organization to which your company absolutely should belong.

Here are just some of the benefits our members receive:

  • PostCom Web Site: access to the #1 news source in the mailing industry
  • PostCom Bulletin: industry-leading weekly publication
  • PostOps Update: news on the latest postal operations 
  • Education Webinars: updates and education on the hottest topics facing the industry and your business
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